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While Board considers all relevant facts and circumstances in assessing an employer’s motivation, Board has identified the following factors as being the most common means of establishing a discriminatory motive, intent, or purpose: (1) timing of the employer’s adverse action in close temporal proximity to the employee’s protected conduct is an important factor; (2) the employer’s disparate treatment of the employee; (3) the employer’s departure from established procedures and standards when dealing with the employee; (4) the employer’s inconsistent or contradictory justifications for its actions; (5) the employer’s cursory investigation of the employee’s misconduct; (6) the employer’s failure to offer the employee justification at the time it took action or the offering of exaggerated, vague or ambiguous reasons; (7) employer animosity towards union activists; and (8) any other facts that might demonstrate the employer’s unlawful motive. (Santa Clara, supra, PERB Decision No. 2629-M, pp. 9-10; County of Yolo (2009) PERB Decision No. 2020-M, pp. 12-13; Novato Unified School District (1982) PERB Decision No. 210, pp. 6-7.)