Decision A130E – Ventura Community College District . . . . See Ad-215

LA-R-156 A&B; AC-16

Decision Date: June 30, 1982

Decision Type: PERB Decision

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Perc Vol: 6
Perc Index: 13155

Decision Headnotes

1300.03000 – Amended Certification, Petition for

Amended certification is denied where unit employees had neither notice of the change nor the opportunity to vote upon disaffiliation. Amendment of certification is appropriate where there is no change in the basic identity of the representative chosen by the employees and the change is one of form and not of substance. Amended certification will be granted where 1) the substitute entity is substantially the same with the same structure, officers, stewards and other representatives and 2) the substitution was procedurally valid, in conformance with the employee organization's internal rules and achieved through a democratic ratification.