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Note: Some decision PDFs may not be immediately available on the PERB website. Non-precedential decision PDFs are not posted to the web. To request issued decisions that are not available on the website, please email with the decision number and case name.

DecisionDescriptionCase #TypePERC Vol.PERC IndexDatePDF
2751MCity of San GabrielLA-CE-1297-MPERB Decision12/14/20
2750ELos Angeles Unified School DistrictLA-CE-6161-E & LA-CE-6411-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)12/04/20
A482MCounty of Santa ClaraSF-CE-1688-MAdministrative Appeal11/02/20PDF
2749ESacramento City Unified School DistrictSA-CE-2945-EPERB Decision11/02/20
A481EGompers Preparatory AcademyLA-DP-441-EAdministrative Appeal10/22/20PDF
2748EStockton Unified School DistrictSA-CE-2915-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)10/22/20
2719EaAlliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High, et al.LA-RR-1281-E, LA-RR-1282-E & LA-RR-1283-EPERB Decision10/14/20PDF
J030EAlliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High, et al.LA-RR-1281-E, LA-RR-1282-E & LA-RR-1283-EJudicial Review10/14/20PDF
2747MCity of San DiegoLA-CE-1229-MPERB Decision10/06/20PDF
2746EPasadena Area Community College DistrictLA-CE-6356-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)09/29/20
A480MCity of BellflowerLA-CE-1456-MAdministrative Appeal09/23/20PDF
2745MCounty of SacramentoSA-CE-1060-MPERB Decision09/18/20PDF
2744ESan Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 6157, and American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO (Crawford et al.)SF-CO-839-EPERB Decision08/31/20PDF
2743HTrustees of the California State University (Fresno)SA-CE-408-HPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)08/28/20
2742EPasadena Area Community College DistrictLA-CE-6514-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)08/19/20
2741MCounty of SacramentoSA-CE-1112-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)08/12/20
2740MCounty of MercedSA-CE-1020-MPERB Decision08/10/20PDF
2739SService Employees International Union Local 1000 (Wilson)SA-CO-507-SPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)08/05/20
2738HTrustees of the California State University (San Marcos)LA-CE-1260-HPERB Decision07/28/20PDF
2727EaService Employees International Union Local 99 (Thrash)LA-CO-1779-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)07/22/20

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